The seller

The Dealer 

The dealer owns one or more manufacturer’s franchises. When he sells boats from his inventory, sales are legally guaranteed, that is, if debts or links on what he has sold you, he is responsible.

It is easier to honour the guarantee of a manufacturer when the purchase was made directly at one of its franchises.

A dealer acts sometime as a broker.

The Broker 

The broker is a person in contact with many sellers and buyers. He can be an arbitrator on sale, list of equipment and terms of delivery price negotiations. Sold vessels does not belong to him.

These are sales between individuals.

The Individual 

The used boat sale usually involves two individuals. They can be many disputes; that is why the drafting of a good contract of sale, detailed and specifically adapted to your purchase is so important.

A few months after your purchase will you discover osmosis in Hull, will the engine stop working or will the lender of the seller appear?Will your contract protect you?

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