Sales between individuals - A good sale contract

Do not hesitate to call one of our Marine Advisors for your sale contract !
Boat sales can cause many disputes; that is why, to ensure peace of mind and avoid any misunderstanding, it is important that a good sale contract, detailed and specifically adapted to your transaction be written.

Marine Advisor, well aware of such transactions, will help you and will produce with you a good sale contract.

Your contract will be prepared carefully and will contain all relevant details of the transaction: price, guaranteed payment, terms, special agreements, etc.

The amounts paid will be placed in escrow for the protection of all parties.

The seller will rest assured that he will be paid when everything is in good standing and the buyer will know that his money is safe.

Maritime Advisor will also ensure that existing debts, if any, are settled as they should.

Sale and purchase of vessels transactions are different from those for cars or houses.

An estimate of fees from your Marine Advisor will be communicated to you before any procedure is started on your behalf.

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for details about your sale contract !
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