Vessel Registration - Vessel License

There are only two types of registration for a boat in Canada and they may not exist at the same time.

A Vessel License may favourably be replaced by a Certificate of Registry. Not the contrary.

The Licence is only an identification registration at Transport Canada via Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The license number includes a letter identifying the province of the original owner or the province where the first license has been issued for the boat (e.g.: D or QC = Quebec, E or ON = Ontario).

It is not a confirmation of ownership !

Mandatory for boats not registered (Certificate of Registry) and having a global motive power of 10 H.P. (7.36 kw.) or more.

"In Bond" License

This license with the letter "B" at the end of its number is no longer issued since October 8th 1990. It cannot be transferred and will not be replaced if lost or destroyed.It was issued for the "In Bond" boats. Now, only the Certificate of Registry is issued for these boats.


It is strongly recommended that Canadian owners or purchasers of the following vessels communicate with one of our Marine Advisors as soon as possible:

# Vessels with a Canadian type "B" license

In order to obtain information to facilitate the navigation and resale of the vessel later !

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for more details on Vessel Licences.


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