Maritime Credit - Who are the lenders

Some credit managers are very interested in the financing of boats and give much flexibility to maritime loans granted to customers, even if the vessel sails in Canada, in USA, the Caribbean or elsewhere. 

Given the large number of marine transaction that we manage for financial institutions, we can refer you to branch offering the best conditions (interest rates, repayment, flexibility etc.), this free of charge.


Currently, the main lending institutions for vessels are:

  • National Bank of Canada
  • CIBC Bank
  • Laurentian Bank
  • Caisses Desjardins
  • Bank of Montreal

Some lenders provide a lot of flexibility to the maritime loans granted to their customers: competitive rates, flexibility in refunds, etc.

There are branches, in some cases, paying a portion of a maritime mortgage registration fee.

As maritime consultants we can:

  • Direct you to the most capable branch that can serve you better.
  • Help credit decision making
  • Foster the smooth conduct of the steps
  • Supervise the formalities of registration
  • Handle guarantee decision-making process

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for more details on marine credit.

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