Marine Credit - Bridge Financing

Some credit managers are very interested in boat financing and include much flexibility to financing contracts granted to their clients. They accept that  the boat sails in Canada, USA, Carribean and elsewhere.

The large number of marine transactions that we manage with financial institutions, allows us to refer you to the branch of the bank offering the best plan (interest rates, repayment flexibility, etc.) this free of charge on your part. 

The Bridge Financing is rather for a temporary situation than a real financing plan.

Following your purchase at a Canadian dealer, your lender will be happy to offer you a real financing plan.

He will allow you to get the benefits of the marine mortgage at the time of your purchase (rate of interest, term and amortization period), while your marine consultant completes the formalities of registration and mortgage.

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for more details on the Bridge Financing.


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