Maritime Credit - Instalment Sale

Some credit managers are very interested in the financing of boats and give much flexibility to maritime loans granted to customers, even if the vessel sails in Canada, in USA, the Caribbean or elsewhere.

Given the large number of marine transaction that we manage for financial institutions, we can refer you to branch offering the best conditions (interest rates, repayment, flexibility etc.), this free of charge.

This credit agreement is designed for the financing of miscellaneous consumer goods such as furniture and motorIt has no particular affinity for marine products. Its simplicity of use has a price. This must be taken into account:
  • Usually high interest cost: the lender wanting to protect himself from any future rate increases and considering that the guarantee is not as good as a marine mortgage.
  • Advances are non-transferable: a subsequent buyer cannot continue paying youor loan. A new loan has to be granted.
  • Owner cannot borrow again: If the owner qualifies, we will then register the boat and will record a maritime mortgage.
  • Are excluded:
    • boats kept "in bond"
    • sales by an individual
    • sales of accommodation

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for details on types of boats funding !
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