Boat Registration  - Registry 

In Canada, there are two types of boat registrations. They may not exist at the same time.

A Vessel License may be favourably replaced by a Certificate of Registry but not the contrary.

The Registry allows a boat to be regarded more or less as an individual. It will have a "civil state" or recognized status throughout the world.

  • Official Title (Certificate of Registry)
  • Citizenship (flag) (Canadian)
  • Name (Unique in Canada)
  • Home (Port of Registry)

Your boat will be able to travel more easily from one country to another.

You or any buyer will have the ability to benefit from low interest and the flexibility of reimbursement rates provided by the maritime mortgage.

This is the Registry that will allow a Canadian to keep the vessel outside of Canada without having to pay any customs right, nor GST or PST in Canada.

Strongly recommended for:

  • Boat 8 metres (26 ft.) or more of length
  • Whose value is $ 50,000 or more
  • Traveling outside Canada
  • For the owner who requires financing

Contact one of our Marine Advisors for more details on Registration !

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